Refund & Cancellation

The Jhargram Tourism acts only as a Domestic Tour Operator and Destination Management Company (DMC) of the tour packages, accommodation, transportation, Tour Guide, folk dance /song arrangement, cultural activities, providing the services and it shall not have any liability whatsoever for any aspect of the arrangements between the service provider and user as regards the standards of services provider in no circumstance shall Jhargram Tourism be liable for services provided by the service vender and no responsibility as the principal Jhargram Tourism shall not in any way is responsible for any loss or theft of goods or any property of the tourist during visit or in the reservation/booking office. Luggage is carried at owner's risk.

Reservation Policy

  • 100% Payment required at the time of reservation

  • 50% Payment required at the time of reservation
  • 50% Full & Final Payment required before Check-Out

Tour Packages
  • 25% Payment required at the time of reservation
  • 25% Payment required before 30 Days of travel date
  • 50% Full & Final Payment required before 15 Days of travel date

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation Charges:
    Less than 06 days prior to arrival 100%
    07-14 days prior to arrival 75%
    15-29 days prior to arrival 50%
    30 days and above prior to arrival 25%
  • The above charges will be applicable on the "Booking Amount" excluding GST thereon. GST thereon is Non-refundable.
  • In case Bookings are cancelled by the Jhargram Tourism due to any unforeseen event not suitable for staying of the guest, full amount will be refunded.
  • Re-schedule of the Booking is possible but no refund will be made in case of natural calamity or disaster, poor weather conditions, civil disturbance, suspension of services related to transportation, accommodations, governmental orders or other circumstances which beyond control of Jhargram Tourism.
  • Jhargram Tourism shall not be responsible in any matter whatsoever for any delay or inconvenience to the passengers during the journey either due to the breakdown of the vehicle or due to any other cause/unforeseen circumstances beyond control of Jhargram Tourism.
  • All the hotel cancellation for GROUP is subject to all individual hotels terms & conditions.

  • Cancellation Charges:
  • Within 48 hours - no refund
    3-6 days - 50% deduction
    7-15 days - 30% deduction
    16-30 days - 20% deduction
    Beyond 30 days - 10% deduction
  • Date of occupation and date of cancellation will not be counted during cancellation.
  • Sunday & holidays would not be excluded for calculation of cancellation charges.
  • For part cancellation, normal refund rules will apply.
  • Bookings Once Pre/Postponed,if cancelled will have no refund.
  • Reservation may be cancelled by the guest through this portal (only for online payments made by an Indian citizen). The amount of refund will be reversed to the debit/credit card/bank account after deducting the cancellation charges as per policy.
  • Reservation may be cancelled in case of acute administrative requirement. No cancellation charge will be deducted under such scenario.
  • Cancellation Charges:
  • Less than 10 days 100% of the booking amount
    10 days and above but less than 20 days 60% of the booking amount
    20 days and above but less than 30 days 40% of the booking amount
    30 days and above 20% of the booking amount
  • In event of visitors unable to reach Eco-tourism centres on account of natural calamities & Bandhs, the booking money will be refunded after deduction of service charge @ 10% of the booking amount at the discretion of the management. In such case, an application for refund should be made showing the valid reason.
  • If accommodation is not provided due to unavoidable circumstances, compensation limited to book value of permit including taxes will be admissible. The reservation of accommodation may be cancelled in certain unavoidable circumstances. In such cases WBFDCL’s liability shall be restricted to refund of booking amount inclusive of taxes or shifting to other available accommodation.
  • Cancellation Charges:
    0-3 Days of Check-in Date 100%
    4-10 Days of Check-in Date 50%
    11-15 Days of Check-in Date 25%
    16- To More Days of Check-in Date 0
  • The above charges will be applicable on the Total Booking Amount excluding the transaction charge and applicable taxes thereon. Transaction charge and taxes thereon is Non-refundable.
  • In Case of Cancellation, the amount due to be refunded will be refunded to the visitor account within a period of 7 to 15 Days from the Date of Cancellation.
  • Tickets Booked at Cash Counters need to be cancelled at the concerned Cash Counters.
  • In case Tickets are cancelled by the ecotour cell due to any unforeseen event not suitable for staying of the visitor, full amount will be refunded to the visitor.
  • Cancellation of booking done online can only be done through the portal and by the visitors only. Cancellation cannot be done by the Ecotourism Cell or by the destinations on request Email and/or telephonic request. It is the responsibility of the visitor intending to cancel the ticket to ensure that the booking is cancelled and confirmation email is sent to the registered Email ID.
  • Tickets Booked by Agents can only be cancelled through the concerned Booking Agents only. Booking done at Cash Counter can only be cancelled at the concerned cash counter at which Booking is made.