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Tour Guide

Tour Guide

Our Tour Guides speak in Bengali, Hindi and English fluently for Indian, NRI and Foreign Guests. These activities help them to elaborate the theme and subjects flawlessly. Consequently, they provide special information on history, archaeology, people and lifestyle, environment, folk culture, art & craft and places of interest of the Guests vividly.


Birds Watching Binocular

Binocular rental services (available from August 1, 2019) along with tour guide are available to explore and have a feel of nature, forest, birds, wildlife, agricultural activities from remoteness. Eyes are both receptors and storage devices of our thoughts and feelings. Binocular enables us to envisage certain creatures of nature without disturbing them.

Tribal Dance

Folk Dance & Song

Village people are by nature music lover. Every evening traditional cultural programme is presented to the tourist to entertain them. Among this, the most popular being Tribal Dance, Mundari Panta Dance, Ranpa, Raibenshe, Jhumur and Tusu Songs. To meet up local's demand of traditional music and song we have Juhari, to entertainment them.